West Michigan Wine & Beer Trail

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A destination for arts, culture, and entertainment, West Michigan has a lot to offer...

West Michigan is brimming with beauty, with everything from rolling sand dunes, breathtaking beaches and charming

resort towns nestled along the shores of Lake Michigan to the tranquil spans of farmlands and the urban grandeurs of Grand Rapids.

The unique micro climatic conditions in West Michigan make it the perfect place for growing grapes, hops and all sorts

of other produce. Known as the Fruit Ridge, a group of counties within the region have become popular agritourism

destinations, attracting visitors from far and wide year round. The West Michigan Wine & Beer Trail is the

most recent addition to the mix, extending from Holland to Ludington and east to Grand Rapids.

Each winery, brewery and mill taking part in the West Michigan Wine & Beer Trail has its own distinct

atmosphere. Come explore and taste all that West Michigan has to offer.

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